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Professional Original Portraits

If you chose my professional portrait option there are a number of choices to make. 

  1. Select a couple of your favorite photographic images of your subject. 

  2. Select your preferred medium, oil, or watercolor (I can help with that). 

  3. Select a preferred final artwork size, 6" x 8", 8"x10", 9"x12", 11"x14". Remember watercolors need a beveled mat to display it professionally.  So figure 2" to 3" on each side (4" to 6" added to the total height and width) for the final frame size. I provide a neutral, off-white, beveled mat.

  4. Select a painting surface option that includes a stretched canvas, wood panel, or canvas board. (see below for clarification)

  5. Fill out the order form by clicking below. 

  6. I will email you a confirmation and answer any additional comments or questions. 

  7. Most orders should take two to three weeks to your doorstep.

  8. You can then shop locally for glass (for watercolor only) and a frame at your local art store.

  9. Questions? Please include those or contact me using the "CONTACT" page above.

  10. And finally, I'll send an invoice when you approve a preliminary portrait with payment instructions. You can pay online with a credit using the "SHOP" tab above.

Painting surface options. Click or hover over the circle to see an image of the material

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