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If you chose my print-only option there are a number of choices to make. 

  1. Select a photo or art image from my portfolio. Hover over the image and you will see a title. Remember that.

  2. Select a standard size from the list so you can purchase an off-the-shelf frame locally. I'll provide a custom neutral-colored mat to fit a standard frame size. The number shown is the longest side. For example, 10" for an 8x10 print.

  3. Select an option that includes photo paper, and watercolor paper. Photo paper is best for photos because of its higher resolution, and watercolor paper is for watercolors, of course.

  4. Fill out the order  and submit the form below 

  5. The order should take one to two weeks to your doorstep.

  6. You can then shop for a frame and glass locally, at Michael's for example.

  7. Questions? Please send me a note.

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