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This website contains images of photographs and paintings created exclusively by David C. Whited.

Before becoming an artist I spent years as a landscape architect longing to save the planet. After a few disappointing years designing subdivisions and streetscapes I began a career as a planner with a large park system. That opportunity blossomed into three rewarding decades planning, protecting and restoring public parks. Those parks continue to provide large natural areas for millions of people to enjoy and for nature to flourish.

Over the years I’ve gained an appreciation for the effects of life’s challenges on both people and wildlife, and how each can benefit the other. People, need places to retreat. Plants and animals need large ecosystems to achieve a truly healthy habitat. When these places are protected, nature thrives and in turn provides a healthy place for people.

Researchers around the globe are discovering the therapeutic benefits that interacting with nature provides. Images of nature are the next best thing.

Warm regards,

David C. Whited; landscape architect, photographer, artist.

Owner; Lakeview Images, LLC

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